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Our SULTANADA Mega Project Recommendation is designed to ensure that Turkey's most prominent city, Istanbul, takes its place as a "Select World City" while helping its residents to enjoy a lifestyle that is unparalleled by global standards.


Our SULTANADA Mega Project Recommendation is a commercial, logistic, cultural and symbolic city that can easily house 300,000 inhabitants, the result of which is a powerful city brand. This mega project will help convert Istanbul's linear structure into a circular form, extend to the European side of the city, offer an opportunity to reconnect the Marmaray to the Asian side of the city and, with its airport and cruise ship port, serve to cement the branding of Turkey's rising star.


The Havvada Mega Project Recommendation consists of an island to be constructed in the center of the Sea of Marmara as well as the residential spaces on that island, all constructed using the one billion cubic meters of earth excavated during the construction of the Canal Istanbul project. Designed by New York's noted Dror architectural office, the Havvada project, which has attracted major international interest, consists of everything a city requires from homes to commercial space, museums, a stadium and athletic facilities, offering hundreds of thousands of residents a truly world-class lifestyle.


İHATA is a project recommendation for Istanbul that exceeds international standards. Our Marmara Ring Project Recommendation seeks to set Istanbul's population free by spreading Istanbul across the entire Marmara region. A key portion of the project is the İHATA (İHT) Istanbul High-Speed Train, which will pass through the center of New Istanbul and reach speeds of 300 kilometers per hour, traveling non-stop. Matching the Istanbul's fast-paced tempo, the Marmara Ring Project that aligns with the emergent nation perspective of recent years, and will set Istanbul free, transporting it into the future, as a project that exceeds international standards in every sense. By virtue of the İHT (Istanbul High-Speed Train), the greatest travel time between any two points in the region is reduced to just one hour and Istanbul's total waterfront property is expanded by 20 times. So living in Çanakkale and working in Istanbul will no longer be a dream. Plans call for the rail system to traverse the Marmara Sea coast with the system to have a total of 12 stops and an interval of just 10 minutes between each stop. A world first, this advanced high-speed train system will reduce travel time between Istanbul and Bursa to just 30 minutes. Access to the center of Istanbul will be facilitated while, at the same time, residential areas on the seafront and in forested areas will be added relieving pressure on the increasingly crowded residential areas in the city center. As is the case in all of the best examples of city planning from around the world, Istanbul will be able to move from uncontrolled linear growth to circular, ring-form expansion. *ihata: Encircling, embracing, surrounding